Glencraig Suffolk Sheep Stud was founded in December 1996 with the purchase of 10 stud ewes from the late Bryan Smith, "Karlinka" Stud (Flock No. 803) near Darkan, Western Australia. Most of these ewes were by Nankeen 85/90, Pamellen 105/88 and Karrawonga 584 of 88. The ram Cheeryna 290/95 was purchased to mate with these ewes.

In 1997 six more ewes of similar breeding were purchased from "Karlinka", as well as the ram Cheeryna 1415/96 from Cheeryna. An additional 5 ewes were purchased from the "Karlinka" dispersal sale in 2000. Cheeryna 1415 left impressive hindquarters on his progeny. In 2001 Rouken-Glen 244/00 was purchased to use over the daughters of 1415/96. This has been an advantageous combination with increased eye muscle in particular.



Stud Sire Glencraig 159/02

After a visit to South Australia in 2003, four ewes from the "Letts" stud were purchased and imported into Western Australia. These ewes and others have been mated to a home bred sire Glencraig 159/02 who has impressive eye muscle area and was grand champion ram at the Dinninup Show and reserve champion in his class at Wagin Woolorama in 2004.

On 13th January 2004 a laproscopic AI programme was conducted on 22 mixed age ewes. The rams used were Wendenlea 164/00, the second highest ranked Suffolk ram on lambplan in Australia, as well as Wendenlea 261/93 and Wendenlea 71/02 (one ewe). Pinegrove 153/96 (NZ), and Marananga 187/92, (Tasmania) were also used. The ram Cheeryna 54/01was used as a backup sire over the AI ewes.

The stud mated 63 ewes in 2004 with the eventual number to increase to 100 in two years to maintain three breeding families. Emphasis is placed on growth rate and eye muscle area. Sheep are run on a very commercial basis with no committed interest in the show ring. Glencraig has been a Lambplan participant since its inception in 1996.


In 2004 Sueted TD6 / 03 was purchased. Named "Controversy" he has been one of the better sires used in the stud, having impeccable physical structure and muscled hindquarter as well as good objective measurement and a positive eye muscle EBV.
In 2005 semen from a Scottish ram Meikleson Mighty Man was used on two ewes in an embryo transfer programme, the resultant 8 lambs are well muscled and thick set. The prepotent old sire Wendenlea 164 / 99 was used as a back up sire, he like "Çontroversy " is also excetionally well muscled and has a positive eye muscle EBV.
Meikleson Mighty Man was also used in an ET programme again in 2006 along with Othello Park Oliver and Cote Hele "Gemini ".
Another ET programme was performed on two ewes in 2007. One ewe mated to "Mighty Man. , the other , a daughter of 164/ 99 was inseminated to Pamellan 77 / 05, producing 8 ET lambs.

"The stud ewes were AI'd to 6 sires Wendenlea 164 / 99, Tarryn 89 / 01, Glencraig 349 / 05 ( Douglas ) Glencraig 350 / 05 ( Berwick ) and Pamellen 77 / 05.

At the Letts suffolks studs 2nd annual sale in September 2007 Glencraig bought Letts 6115 / 06 ( Grant ) to replace Sueted TD 6 / 03. The sale was the first time in Australia that rams have been sold with Intra Muscular Fat ( IMF % ) data. Intra Muscular Fat enhances the eating experience of meat. See
Glencraig rams are available for sale by auction at the Annual Darkan District ram sale usually the second Tuesday in October and Bridgetown Ram sale in early November.

In 2006 Suffolk rams sold to $3200 and averaged $1016 at auction.


Photo Courtesy Farm Weekly.


Top Price Ram Glencriag 349 / 05 Sired by Meikleson Mighty Man Sold $3200 Darkan Ram Sale to Darke Partnership Boyup Brook

L to R Donald Cochrane, Phillip Darke, Anna Darke (Buyers) and Landmark Agent Brenton Tynan


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